Sunday, April 13, 2008

The whole vacation to christchurch was really great. I spent every moment of it together with my honey I had a great time with her and I really wish I could have spent much longer time together with her. Sigh ... Well now that I am back to my old routinary life here, I really miss her so bad. Well nothing much has happened here since I got off for my vacation. Back to same old routinary life here.

Finally!I finally got my leave approved and this will be a different week for me. After a few times my leave application was rescheduled, I finally got it signed. Although its just three and half days not including the weekends, it is still one leave I am looking forward to. Plans? well I'll be off to see my honey during these days. Yup that's right, Ill be far away from the office as possible. I dont want to just be in a reachable area because this is suppose to be rest and I dont want people bugging me during these days .